How to Tag Someone on Instagram

Instagram is ideal for building a community, whether for social functions or Instagram promoting. And, once building that community, it’s essential you recognize the way to tag folks in your posts.

Open your Instagram app produce a new post Take an image or transfer one from your gallery On the share screen, tap “tag people” tap somebody on the photograph look for the person’s username choose the name once it seems within the dropdown menu tap “Done” if you’ve got an iPhone or ✓ if you have an android, and publish your post.

First we’ll begin with the basics: the way to tag somebody once you are making a new Instagram post.

Step One: Open Instagram.

Begin by gap your Instagram account.

Step Two: produce a new Instagram post.

Create a new post by clicking the “+” image within the bottom center of your screen.

More Instagram tips : Do quite share pictures; find out how to post on Instagram and make posts that perform.

Step three: choose an image to post.

To transfer an image or video : within the menu below the image, ensure “gallery” is chosen. Then, swipe up to scroll through your gallery, and tap on the image you would like to post. To require a new image or video : tap on the word “photo” to take a still image or (you guessed it!) “Video” to record a video.

Once you’ve got chosen your picture, click the word “Next” within the upper-right corner.

Step four: choose “Tag people”

You are currently on the Instagram Share screen. Add any desired comments, hashtags, or a location, then tap “Tag folks.”

Step five: tap on the individual you would like to tag.

Your photograph can currently seem on a new screen. Tap wherever you would like the tag to look. For instance, if you’re posting an image of a gaggle of friends, tap on a friend’s face to tag them.

In addition to friends and family, you’ll be able to tag any whole who has an Instagram account. During this case, I’m tagging a company, thus I’m inserting my tag wherever the company’s emblem seems within the image.

After sound on the picture, the words “Who’s this” can seem wherever you’ve placed the tag.

Step six: look for the individual’s username.

In the search bar at the highest of your screen, explore for the individual’s Instagram username.

Pro tip : Before you begin tagging your Instagram photograph, it’s useful to understand the proper spelling of the username.

Step seven: choose the individual to tag.

The person’s username might seem mechanically within the menu, otherwise you may have to hit “enter” to check the search results.

Once you see the proper username, tap on it.

Follow steps five-to-seven once {more} to tag more folks in your post.

Step eight: Save your tag and publish the Instagram post.

Once you’ve labeled somebody (or multiple people) in your photograph, save your changes.

If you’ve got an android, tap the “✓” within the upper-right corner.

If you’ve got an iPhone, faucet the word “Done”

On your Share screen, the “Tag People” row can show the usernames of anyone you’ve got labeled .

Now all that’s left to try to is hit the “Share” button and formally publish your post!

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