Cross-Device Digital Marketing
icon_group Facebook and Instagram Marketing

With hundreds of Facebook clients and thousands of campaigns under our belt, and having bought social media ads for more years, more businesses and more industries than anyone else on Guam, C2 Social Media has learned how to maximize efficiency and impact for your campaigns.  We bring a wealth of insight and buying power to stretch the value of your budget. And we never run out of creative ways to keep your ads fresh, engaging and vibrant.

 Display Advertising and Remarketing

Right place, right time display advertising and remarketing require specific marketplace knowledge and understanding, specialized tools and in-depth analytics.  And when done right, they can produce great results because they proactively target new customers by placing interesting, relevant ads in front of them when they’re most likely to buy or take action.  Because we care about your cost efficiency, we pay attention to changes in the Guam marketplace. We’re committed to never wasting your money. With our significant experience, we know where, when and how to run ads that make you the most competitive and economical in a fluid environment. At the core of our creative, strategic and technical practices is our deep understanding of Guam’s resident, military and tourism populations, our unique geographic challenges, and our blend of lifestyles and cultures.  From this contextual foundation we create campaigns that drive meaningful awareness and measurable returns for your business.

 Google Search, Google My Business and Google Ads

Our professional team brings the highest level of Google training and certification and many years of Google campaign experience.  Because we continuously track audience behavior and the ranking of popular websites, apps and platforms in the Guam market, we know where to find your customers and how to reach them on the web.  Having a relevant, well-designed, informative, mobile-friendly, and up to date website is just the starting point for success on the web. Perform better in Google searches and get your offer in front of the right audience at just the right time with Google Ads.  Map your business and keep your company profile current on Google My Business. And be confident that your ad campaigns are continually optimized to minimize waste, maximize conversions and achieve awareness. C2 Social Media brings all these pieces together with discipline, skill and experience and a process for continuous campaign tweaking and refinement.

 Hulu, ESPN and Other Premium Online Video Networks

We now provide a turnkey solution for harnessing Guam’s households whose viewing habits have shifted away from traditional TV to their computers, CTVs, tablets and smartphones. We can place your video ads directly and programmatically into many Guam-viewed, premium online shows. Your video commercials will reach viewers wherever they’re watching their favorite shows – on their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

We provide the most sought after video ad inventory from Hulu, ESPN, CNN and many other top networks online including CNBC, E! Entertainment, The Golf Channel, MSNBC, SYFY, USA Network, Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, OWN, Travel Channel, Motortrend, Animal Planet, Science Channel, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, Fox News Channel, History Channel, Lifetime, A&E, WE TV, National Geographic, Hallmark channel … and more.

We can help you reach highly specific, targeted audiences beyond Google, YouTube and traditional TV. Our online video services are offered through Choice Digital.  Choice Digital is C2 Social Media, Choice Broadcasting and Calypso Group coming together to deliver premium online advertising opportunities and solutions for Guam advertisers.

 eCommerce Management

For simple to complex online stores and eCommerce platforms, we integrate software, martech, app development, communications design and marketing expertise to build complete shopping and selling platforms.  We design comprehensive, revenue-generating platforms for online stores and online publishers. And we think through the A to Z for you. Retailers and service providers need everything from marketing and navigation to checkout and payment for their online stores.  Online publishers need a digital ad server platform to monetize their content, and for them we customize a complete digital ad sales program, including sales training and a platform for managing, serving and auditing digital ad impressions. Whether it’s building the region’s first and only online Telecom store for wireless services, smartphones and accessories, or an online jewelry store selling island keepsakes to Guamanians living abroad, or a revenue-generating digital advertising platform for a leading news website, we innovate eCommerce solutions that really work for local businesses.

icon_building_alt Website Development and Content Management

A strong website is crucial to your company’s success.  Consumers expect to easily find you on the web, and when they do, your website needs to be user-friendly across all their devices, deliver the information they want, leave them with a good impression of your brand, and invite them to take action.  We’ve developed and audited hundreds of websites. We’re constantly studying site analytics to glean insights about user behavior. We’re hyper-focused on the mobile web because smartphones and mobile devices drive the lion’s share of online viewership. And we’re absolutely clear that good quality content — authentic, informative, relevant, up to date, well-told and well-designed — is a huge competitive advantage. Of course we nail the basic best practices, too:  responsive design to fit all devices, clear and visible calls to action, strong landing pages, mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and keyword optimized for the best search results.